Welcome and thank you for using our service. This service is provided to you for your enjoyment and/or freedom by bananafish for the installgentoo community.

These are the rules, terms, and policies regarding /g/mail if you refuse to accept them please contact an admin to have your account deleted.

Terms of Service

First and foremost do not use this service for anything that could get the server operator in trouble. Do not use this service for anything that may damage the service or other installgentoo services. The only other restriction not covered by those is no use of this service may be used to distribute cheese pizza.

Privacy Policy

Everyone these days should be worried about their privacy on the net, and for good reason. Most large email providers scan your emails to provide you with more targeted ads and such.

/g/mail does none of that. All of your emails are safe and secure on /g/mail and are not viewed by anyone but yourself and your recipients.

While being the server operator, I do have the ability to go into accounts of any users, you as a user of /g/mail have my word that I do not (spoiler: I don't even have time to go through my own email). While this is just my 'word' you will have to accept it, otherwise /g/mail may not be for you.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact bananafish.